The Real Game Series
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Benefits for Students:

The Real Game Series is a cooperative, experiential and safe platform from which students will:

  1. Discover personal skills and talents.

  2. Reinforce positive self-concept.

  3. Relate school experience to occupational choices and work roles.

  4. Explore the relationship between work and broader life roles.

  5. Be introduced to the concept of lifelong learning.

"I wish the program could go on all year." -7th grade student

Benefits for Educators: holding hands

The Real Game Series offers facilitators the opportunity to:

  1. Utilize a ready-made set of career development activities.

  2. Support and enhance practical aspects of academic learning.

  3. Address national and state educational standards.

  4. Participate in team teaching.

  5. Tailor curricula to local settings, interests, and needs.

"I have no absences on Real Game days." -teacher

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