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Training Promotion

The Real Game SeriesT (TRGS)
"TRGS Facilitator Teams of Two"

Pilot sites will be selected from qualifying applications on a first-come, first-served basis for as long as resources allow. The Real Game SeriesT promotion...more than 30% off...TRGS training and materials for qualifying California elementary, middle and high schools, community colleges, and others!

Apply now!

The California Career Resource Network (CalCRN) is offering a training promotion for The Real Game SeriesT (TRGS) by drastically reducing the training and materials costs for qualifying schools and other agencies from the 3rd grade through the adult levels.

CalCRN will train and provide all needed materials to two-person teams ("TRGS FACILITATOR TEAMS OF TWO") from each selected school/agency and certify them as TRGS facilitators. The training and materials are offered in exchange for the willingness and commitment by the school to offer TRGS training to at least one group of no fewer than 20 students and with intentions of providing TRGS training, if successful, on an on-going basis. Other factors being considered in evaluating the applications are reflected in the application questions themselves.

TRGS facilitator teams of two can be comprised of various combinations, such as, school counselor/teacher; parent/teacher; school counselor/parent; teacher/local businessperson.
Cost to the school/agency for participating is $650 for each two-person facilitator team. Normally, this training and materials would cost more than $800. Travel costs might need to be added if arrangements can't be made to hold the training in the immediate area of the school/agency. Every attempt will be made to conduct training within of a short distance of the school. Lunch and snacks are not provided. After a one-day training, members of the team will be certified to offer TRGS in their school/agency in one of the six levels of TRGS to as many students as they want without any additional cost obligation.

What's included?
One full day of training for two=certification to facilitate TRGS Training: The two trainees (e.g., teacher/counselor; counselor/parent; teacher's aide/teacher) will receive a full day of training scheduled around the convenience of the school. Completion of the training results in each trainee being certified to facilitate one of the six levels in TRGS.
One Facilitator's Kit,
One extra Facilitator's Guide; and
Thirty-five Student Kits

Materials: Each trainee will receive a Facilitator's Guide for his/her own personal use. The two-person training team will receive a Facilitator's Kit to share, which contains all the materials needed to facilitate TRGS at its school indefinitely; and thirty-five Student Kits to use with the students on the initial piloting of TRGS at school.


Request for trainees issued October 2004
Application due to CalCRN First-come, first-served basis for as long as resources allow.
Pilot sites selected As completed applications are submitted and reviewed
Successful applicants notified by CalCRN and facilitator training arranged and conducted As qualified applicants are selected and training arrangements can be made
TRGS offered at pilot sites As soon as possible after TRGS facilitator training is conducted
Summary reports due Within one month after completion of offering TRGS training to students

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