The Real Game Series
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An International Effort

NLWC coordinates The Real Game Series through a 10-country international partnership network. To connect with partners in any partner country visit the international website at: This unprecedented partnership has delivered nationally adapted Real Game Series programs to over 50,000 classrooms and community settings globally, to over a million users anually.

International Collaboration

parisAn International Advisory Group of Canadians and Americans met for three days in September 1994 at the Memramcook Institute in New Brunswick, Canada to develop the specifications for the national prototype of the Junior High/Middle School edition. This pilot program was tested in more than 100 schools in Canada and the United States. Since then, Canadians, lead by the National Life/Work Centre, and Americans, lead originally by the National Occupational Information Coordinating Committee, and subsequently by members of America's Career Resource Network have collaborated on each subsequent program in the series. They have also teamed up on promotion, training materials and procedures, revisions, Web site development and maintenance, etc.

The partnership has now been extended to include national partnerships in England, France, Australia, New Zealand, Hungary, Denmark and The Netherlands, Germany and Ireland. For details on any country's activities, visit

Under certain conditions, Anaca Technologies Ltd. (o/a Career Cruising) will license appropriate national agencies in other countries to adapt one or more programs in The Real Game Series to their own cultural and economic realities. The Real Game Series collaboration is guided by licensing agreements which all partners must respect. For information on adaptation for other countries, see

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