The Real Game Series
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What is the cost of each program in The Real Game Series?

The Play Real Game $499 includes Shipping and Handling  (One-time)
The Real Game 2.1 US Digital Edition $499   (One-year Site License)

The Real Game 2.1 California Digital Edition   $499 (One-year Site License)
The Be Real Game 2.1 Digital Edition  $499 (One-year Site License)

Shipping and handling is 12% for under $200 in value, and 10% for orders valued at $200 or more. There is a minimum $12 charge.

Is the game available for delivery?

All Real Game programs are available for immediate delivery. Normal transportation takes 7-10 days by ground. Air transportation is available for faster service at 20% of subtotal.Activating digital versions can be done within 24 hours.


Can we reproduce parts of the game so that more than one teacher can use the kit?

Items such as Role Profiles and other consumables described in the games are expected to be reproduced and are identified as Reproducible Masters. The Facilitator's Guide, Student Folders, and similar items are not to be reproduced.

Do you have to use the Student Folders and what is their purpose?

It is highly recommended to use the folders as they provide a place for students to store handouts. The folders contain items students use to track their progress throughout the game.

Do you accept credit cards for ordering?

Yes. We currently accept MasterCard, VISA.

Can I place an order over the phone?

We can only accept credit card orders over the phone. Other orders can be made using a Purchase order, which can be mailed or faxed to us. We cannot accept Purchase Orders over the phone, as we need to verify that funding has been allocated to cover the order.  

For phone orders, please call 1-800-965-8541  ext 118

What is the number to fax orders to?    1-416-463-0938

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