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Schedule of Real Game Training

All Real Game training sponsoredbyACRNA and the National Life Work Center (NLWC) adheres to The Real Game Series training model, whichprovides 1 day for Facilitator Training and 2 days for Train-the-Trainer training.

Each trainer who plans and arranges training that follows the adopted training model is encouraged to submit toACRNA all of the details for the training and whether or not the training is open to persons outside the host organization. These details will then be listed on this page.

Note: Not all training that is taking place will be listed on the calendar. The person or group offering the training makes this decision. If you have a training event that you would like listed, please contact Helen Hackett 1-888-700-8940 or

Upcoming Training:

Date Location Training Contact
Beginning of every month online Facilitator Training- all games

Ethel Keeley: 772/461-4164

















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